Dr. Caitlin Riegel, Assistant Professor in Medaille’s Department of Education and Program Director for the M.S.Ed. Elementary Education and M.S.Ed. Adolescent Education programs, published an article in Educational Planning. Educational Planning is the refereed journal of the International Society for Educational Planning (ISEP).

The article investigated meeting accreditation standards for advanced-level education programs by providing the required evidence of satisfaction from both program completers and their employers. The purpose of the study was to develop a pragmatic method of collecting this evidence for smaller liberal arts institutions. A convergent parallel mixed methods data collection approach was designed to simultaneously gather qualitative and quantitative data. The data collection method was piloted with eight alumni from an advanced-level literacy program at a small private liberal arts university in the American Northeast. Evidence of program completer satisfaction included analysis of self-reported data regarding perceptions of preparation relevant to current job responsibilities and program goals. Evidence of employer satisfaction included analysis of employment milestones and employer evaluations and/or observations. The study provides a model for future research intended on identifying practical ways of collecting evidence toward demonstrating overall satisfaction of program completers and/or their employers for smaller liberal arts institutions.

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