During the Trocaire College Conference on Teaching Innovations and Enhancing Learning (TIEL) “Rebooting Critical Thinking” to be held on April 9, 2016 Dr. Vochita Mihai, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Dr. Richard Gerber, Associate Professor of Mathematics from division of Liberal Arts and Communication, Medaille College, will present a workshop entitled: “Strategies for retaining developmental mathematics students based on insights into the sources of student misconceptions, an interactive round table discussion”. The session will be centered around misconceptions commonly displayed in developmental math courses and their resulting influences on retention. The two main ideas to be discussed at this round table are:

1.Prevention and remediation of common mathematical misconceptions displayed in developmental math courses.

2. Encourage communication to help evolve instruction to prevent the development of mathematical misconceptions.


  • : Dr. Vochita Mihai

Posted by: Dr. Vochita Mihai