Dr. Vochita Mihai presents on Meaningful Teaching and Learning: MyStatLab and StatCrunch at the 25th International Conference on Learning at the University of Athens in Greece.

Dr. Vochita Mihai, Professor of Mathemtics at Medaille College, Buffalo, United States and Dr. Elaine Correa, Professor at California State University, Bakersfield, Bakersfield, United States:

The pressure on institutions of higher learning to remain competitive has accompanied a paradigm shift in teaching and learning. The struggle between comprehension and effective teaching methods raises numerous interrelated concerns for faculty and students as online learning software becomes an integral feature of teaching and learning in higher education. In a culture of instant gratification and constant interaction through a range of hand-held electronic devices, it is no longer unsettling or even surprising to raise the question of whether traditional environments of learning should integrate more technology in teaching. Today, cyber space is a part of where we live. It is integrated into our sense of identity and value, whether we fully accept it or not. It is a place in which we all have become naturalized digital citizens authorized through the purchase of an electronic device and access to the internet. Even faculty today, have constructed their cyber identities and legitimated their online presence through ongoing membership and activity as cyber citizens who religiously contribute to the web. Yet, despite the increased acceptance of technology within society, faculty remain relatively distant to the full incorporation of online materials and software in their courses. The challenge remains as to how faculty can reconstruct pedagogies of engagement in the classroom that will draw student interest from disconnected spaces while simultaneously reconnecting learning. This paper will reflect the challenges, advantages and drawbacks that emerge as faculty attempt to utilize electronic software (such as MyStatLab and StatCrunch) in meaningful ways to teach and engage the digital learner.
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