Medaille College First-Year Experience Leadership Certificate Program

The Medaille College First-Year Experience “The Power of You” Leadership Certificate Program began this past Monday, September 19, 2016, 1230-130 PM in Main Building 215. The six-week “Learn shop” is designed to provide first- year student scholars with the tools, services and learning community they need to make a successful transition into the collegiate environment. The first session was: “Getting to Know You.”  There will be weekly raffle drawings and free food. Each student attending all sessions will receive Certificates of Achievement at the close on October 31. The second session is September 26 “Lay of the Land;” third session is October 3: “Who Am I…Today?” The fourth session on October 17 is “Grit and Grind;” the fifth session on October 24 is “Behind Closed Doors,” and the final session on October 31 is the “Spooktacular Advisement/Registration” session where the grand prize raffle drawing will be held. All sessions held in Main Building 215, Mondays, 1230-130. Open to freshmen.

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  • : James Louis Ramsey, PhD, FYE Director

Posted by: James Louis Ramsey, PhD, FYE Director