The First-Year Experience and Development Education wrapped up the second day of its Varied Voices Panel Discussions. Yesterday’s first session featured the visiting Woodrow Wilson Fellow, author and translator, Achy Obejas. Along with Obejas, upperclassmen Uranc Dour, Kristine Snyder, Joshua Powell and Javonne Bolden explored their own sociocultural transition from high school to college for an audience of first-year students. Today’s panel discussion, held in the Presidential Dining Room, featured upperclassmen Jonathan Smith, Amanda Knapp, Justice Fagan, and James Misercola. The First-Year Experience would like to thank Terri Borchers, Erika Schwegler, Lucy Czesak, Kyle Shrader and Chet Klimek for their generous support of the Varied Voices Panel Discussions.

  • : James Louis Ramsey, Ph.D.

Posted by: James Louis Ramsey, Ph.D.