Staff are encouraged to send feedback, questions, comments, and recommendations to Staff Council through our web form, available here: We look forward to hearing from you!

Below are the submissions that we received for October and November.

“Will employees ever hear back on the suggestions they submit?”

  • Answer: Yes! Staff Council has been discussing “Get in Touch” feedback at our meetings.  We value all feedback and are working on the best way to respond to anonymous submissions.  To that end, we will post a monthly feedback memo to This will give all Medaille staff (and faculty!) the chance to review not only questions from their colleagues, but also Staff Council’s recommendations and feedback.

“Are we going to be open on November 23?  If so, why?  Classes are canceled and every office closes early, some at noon, some at 2.”

  • Answer: Dr. Macur and Cabinet closed Medaille College at 2pm on Wednesday, November 25th for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Please note: some offices, such as Public Safety, remained open.

“I am wondering if you could provide information to the campus regarding new hires that are made without a search. I have noticed this happened with faculty hires, and now it has happened with at least 1 staff hire. What is the process for a hire without a search?”

  • Answer: Human Resources can provide information on the search and hire process for staff. Please contact Bobbie Bilotta, Director of Human Resources.

“Is it possible for Medaille to close on Fridays in the summer?  This would be one way to show employees they are valued.”

  • Answer: Staff Council will discuss this at a future meeting.  Please note: Given the nature of their responsibilities, some offices may not be able to accommodate a four-day work week. Additionally, classes run during some Fridays in the summer, so closing the campus may not be an option for offices that serve and work with our students.

“Hello! I am submitting an idea however perhaps staff council is not the appropriate group to submit this to. In any case, would it be possible and/or feasible to provide CPR training to staff, on a first-come, first-serve basis of course.  I’d be interested in being trained! 

  •  Answer: Staff Council will look into this and contact the appropriate offices. More information soon!

“I am writing to suggest some staff spirit by labeling a day a week (Friday?) or once a month “Medaille gear day” in which all staff wear something Medaille related.”

  • Answer: At our Town Hall meeting on October 22, Dr. Macur instituted Maverick Fridays! Show your support by wearing Medaille branded-clothes and/or Medaille colors.
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