Grant Awarded from the Community Foundation

Dr. Craig Centrie was awarded full funding for “Educating Beyond the Borders of Schooling” from the Community Foundation. Nearly 250 applications were received. From that pool of applicants 26 groups were invited to send in full proposal requests. 

“Educating Beyond the Borders of Schooling”

Is an after school program sponsored by El Museo Gallery to provide a multi-cultural, diversity, and fine arts experience for 30 low income multi ethnic middle school students from the Buffalo Public Schools through the use of photography, writing, and cultural interaction. This program intends to target 10 African Americans, 10 Latino and 10 Karen Burmese students over an academic year.

Students will be provided an introductory level digital camera and be asked to photograph those aspects of their family and community they believe are important and representative of their experiences. Each student will also explore and photograph the communities of the two other ethnic communities present in the program. Students will be instructed by accomplished photographers from their communities on the basic understanding of digital photography and the fundamentals of photographic composition. Similarly, students will be required to write cultural essays of their experiences by writers. The year will culminate with a student-curated exhibition of their work and writings.

Objectives and goals include an understanding of the role arts and culture plays in creating quality of life, life-long learning, and a means by which complex social and cultural challenges may be understood at the individual and group level through the arts.  At the end of the program students will have increased critical thinking skills, increased technological abilities through digital photography and image correction, increased social skills, increased arts appreciation, and an intensive multicultural experience.  An especially important goal of this program is to groom students to be cultural ambassadors and leaders to resolve intergroup and inter-cultural conflict.


Dr. Centrie’s project will benefit Riverside High School and connect with Medaille’s mission.  The project will also assist us with TEAC with the Claim of Caring and the Cross Cutting Theme: Multicultural Perspectives.

Congratulations Dr. Centrie!!!

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