Ichthyology is the study of fishes. This Spring semester, the BIO421L Ichthyology Lab will be hosting a seminar series. Guest speakers will be visiting Medaille (virtually) to discuss the importance of fishes in their scientific research.

The fifth presentation in this seminar series will start at 4 p.m. this Friday, April 23, on Blackboard Collaborate. (Please click on the link to join in!)

This seminar will feature a presentation by Dr. Ann Morris, professor, and researcher in the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky at Lexington. Dr. Morris will discuss the visual system advanced genetics of the zebrafish (Danio rerio). The zebrafish is a small, freshwater bony fish in the minnow family that is easily reared in the laboratory. Zebrafish offer several advantages for genetic and developmental studies, including robust reproduction, optical transparency of the embryo, and rapid development. Relevant to Dr. Morris’ research, zebrafish (like humans) are daytime animals, and the zebrafish retina contains a large number of cones in addition to rods, which is advantageous for studying daytime and color vision. For this reason, the zebrafish retina represents a valuable model system in which to study the mechanisms of neural progenitor proliferation, differentiation, and photoreceptor regeneration. (Please click here to join in!)

  • : M. Ryan Woodcock

Posted by: M. Ryan Woodcock