Lisa Marsherall, Roy Cywinski, and Linda Elizabeth Spillman Garrity at St. John the Baptist School

Lisa Marsherall, M.A., clinical associate professor and chair of the communication department, presented at St. John the Baptist School on Tuesday, January 7. The lecture, entitled Communication is Key for Future Success, stressed the importance of effective communication skills in today’s world across many occupations and interpersonal skills. Marsherall taught the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication, citing that over 93% of the emotional impact of a message is transmitted with non-verbal skills. Appropriate posture, eye contact, and facial expressions were also reviewed.

Additionally, students learned how to compose an engaging speech. Whether presenting a project to their classmates or in a future professional situation, Marsherall stated that a clear and concise introduction and conclusion is key. She noted, “I tell my college students that the first sentence or two of your presentation should state what the speech is going to be about, and the conclusion should re-state the points you’ve made during your speech.”

After the lecture, students had the opportunity to present Marsherall with speeches they had composed. Following, each student speech, Marsherall provided critiques that students could incorporate into their speeches to further improve them.

  • : Lisa Marsherall

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