BUFFALO, NY –The U.S. Small Business Administration and Medaille College have signed a Strategic Alliance Memorandum, SBA District Director Franklin J. Sciortino announced. 

This alliance builds on an existing partnership with Medaille College, designed with the purpose of developing and fostering mutual understanding and a working relationship, in order to strengthen and expand small business development in Western New York.

“For several years, the SBA and Medaille have been joined by the common goal of promoting economic development opportunities for small business entrepreneurs in Buffalo,” Sciortino said.  “Together, we commit to continue working toward increasing awareness and knowledge about the tools and resources available to help potential entrepreneurs start a small business and grow it successfully.”

“This collaboration between Medaille College and SBA expands and strengthens the development of small businesses in the geographic area that serves our college.  It represents a useful tool to enrich our curriculum, and we are sure it will contribute to WNY’s economic wellbeing,” said Mary Ellen Mulvey, Ph.D. and Senior Director, Academic Support and Community Partnerships.  “Also, this alliance will facilitate the distribution of information and promotion of training events related to starting and managing your own business.” 

As part of the strategic alliance, the SBA and Medaille will keep each other informed of programs and services available to small businesses, join in training and outreach activities, and work to expand knowledge of and access to small business resources and technical assistance. The alliance will remain in effect for a period of two years.

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  • : Gwyn Beyer, Chris Ripley

Posted by: Gwyn Beyer, Chris Ripley