Medaille English Program / Department of Interdisciplinary Studies professors Lucy Czesak and Kyle Shrader have been accepted to present at TASS (Teaching Academic Survival Skills) 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from March 29-April 1. This presentation, titled “Putting the R in IRW Student Assessment,” will be their second such national conference presentation of the semester focused on reading skills instruction and assessment.

The majority of our incoming first-time freshmen (FTF) are now provisional admits, and professors Czesak and Shrader are thus working to improve developmental reading and writing pedagogy, and retention, at Medaille.

Presentation summary: In the nominally integrated reading and writing (IRW) classroom, are we really assessing reading skills with the same rigor we apply for writing? Join us in exploring current approaches and building a better, more balanced assessment.

  • : Medaille College Office of Communications

Posted by: Medaille College Office of Communications