Medaille Mobile Device Management Policy - PHASE II

To Medaille Faculty & Staff:

With the increased use of mobile devices both on and off campus to read e-mail, exchange information and store Medaille data on mobile devices, the IT department is in the process of securing mobile devices with our Mobile Device Management initiative.  This initiative from the end user’s perspective is to secure mobile devices and data without compromising the user’s workflow.  There are many benefits to IT but some of the benefits of mobile device management to the end user include:

–          Protect Medaille data without affecting the user experience

–          Protect against mobile viruses and malware

–          Encrypt data on mobile devices to enforce data integrity measures

–          In the case of losing your device or theft provide remote lock, remote wipe and location capabilities

Medaille College’s Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy can be found here:  I strongly encourage mobile device users to read this police carefully.

Since there is a wide variety of mobile devices out there, we have broken our project down into stages.  During stage one of this initiative, we implemented policy against Medaille-owned smartphones.  With stage 2 we will be applying policy to Medaille-owned tablet devices.  Somebody from IT will be contacting individual departments to implement our campus policy on their Medaille-owned tablets.  After stage two is complete, another e-mail will be sent out announcing stage 3, implementing policy on Medaille-owned laptops and or desktops.

If you have any questions regarding the Mobile Device Management Policy or this e-mail please contact the Helpdesk (

Thank you.

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