On Friday, June 21, Medaille College announced a new partnership with Duy Tan University (DTU), the largest private university in Vietnam. Through the new 2 2 year degree program, students from Duy Tan will spend their first two years studying at DTU and will transfer to Medaille’s Buffalo campus to complete the final two years in either the accounting or business administration programs.

This partnership will provide Vietnamese students the opportunity to experience American higher education and cultural practices and, in turn, provide American students the chance to learn from their Vietnamese classmates. The underlying goal of the program is the cultivation of intercultural awareness and cooperation between the students, faculty and staff of Medaille and DTU – a goal that will be accomplished through a combination of diverse coursework and unique extracurricular activities.

“We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership will provide for both the Vietnamese and American students who will be learning together at our Buffalo campus,” said Richard T. Jurasek, Ph.D., president of Medaille College. “I would like to thank the faculty and staff at Duy Tan University for working with us to create this great program, which will provide a valuable experience for all.”

Students who are eligible to participate in the program can start at Medaille as early as this fall with the program fully employed by the fall of 2014.

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