Steven MacMartin, director of Medaille’s bachelor’s degree program in homeland security and a clinical assistant professor at the College, appeared in-studio on WBEN-AM radio on November 16, 2015, to discuss the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. He also offered his insight on the attacks to Time Warner Cable News Buffalo.

During his radio appearance, MacMartin discussed the timing and location of the attacks, tracking of suspects, and the complex issues involved with collecting and interpreting international intelligence.

“Intelligence is a big field,” he stated to WBEN’S John Zach and Susan Rose. “Is it electronic-based intelligence, human-based intelligence, it is based on email, is it based on intercepts? It’s a combination and a sharing of international intelligence that will eventually be the tool that will help us be successful.”

In addition, MacMartin told Time Warner Cable News Buffalo about the increased capabilities of ISIS.

“What’s scary is in [the last] year and a half, they’ve been allowed to morph and evolve into this organization that is clearly our greatest threat.”

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