Medaille Professors Amber Anderson, Jennifer Foster, and Kathryn Whalen will all be presenting at the Annual Society for American Archaeology Conference April 6-10th.  Dr. Anderson will discuss her research on enclosures and fortifications in Ecuador, looking at the complex and varied roles that economy, ideology, and religion played during Inca conquest of Northern Ecuador.  Dr. Foster’s presentation examines her studies on how folk traditions and non-academic, community-based understandings of archaeological sites can aid in understanding their past uses and contemporary importance. Lastly, Professor Whalen’s poster will explore her doctoral research on ceramic material composition, production, and trade in Post-Medieval Ulster (Northern Ireland) through the use of portable X-ray florescence.  Conferences and presentations at this annual conference are frequently incorporated into lectures and discussions in the General Education, History and Anthropology courses taught here.

  • : Amber Anderson

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