Medaille College has been awarded its first Upward Bound Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The highly competitive grant, which is distributed over a five-year period, totals nearly $1.3 million. Medaille, the first Upward Bound participant to partner with the Math, Science and Technology Preparatory School (MST), PS 197, will provide college preparation to approximately 60 students.

The grant was announced at a press conference held on September 22 at MST, featuring remarks from Medaille President Dr. Ken Macur, Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash, MST Principal Derek Baker and BPS Board Member Sharon Belton-Cottman ’90. In addition, Medaille student and Upward Bound alum Kristine Snyder discussed her positive experiences with the program, and current MST students also shared their thoughts.

Dr. Cash explained that the goal of Upward Bound is to encourage students to move forward in their education, and to make a difference in Western New York: “This program is one of the vehicles to get into the postsecondary space and then on into a career in the world of work — giving back to Buffalo and back to your community, making your families proud, and keeping your dreams high.”

Dr. Macur stressed that the Upward Bound grant “is more than a Medaille College grant; it is collaborative work with the Buffalo Public Schools system. There is so much good work that is being done right now [at MST]. You can see it in the faces of the students and the energy of the staff. We are happy to be a significant partner to those efforts.”

Snyder added that Upward Bound helped her start her college education, and led her to her current path: “I applied to 11 different colleges and got into all of them, but I chose Medaille because of its amazing vet tech program.”

The announcement was covered by various local media outlets, including WBFO and The Buffalo News.

Medaille has hired a staff of three who will develop and implement the Upward Bound program at MST. The Medaille program includes two unique offerings for students. The first is a flexible tutoring option, and the second is the opportunity for dual enrollment so participants can earn college credit from Medaille.

Upward Bound was created as part of the federal Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 (the War on Poverty Program) and the Higher Education Act of 1965. Since 1964, hundreds of thousands of students across the United States have graduated on time and enrolled in college because of Upward Bound.

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