Middle States Update - THIS IS A TEST

Dear Medaille Community,


I am very pleased to announce that Medaille has officially submitted the final self-study report for our decennial evaluation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.   The result of a concerted college-wide effort, this report represents a mammoth three-year exercise in research, collaboration, analysis, evaluation, composition, debate, and review.


The report and accompanying appendices are available for you to read on Institutional Research and Planning’s webpage at https://data.medaille.edu. (Login with your Medaille username and password, and then click on “Analysis and Reports.”) Hard copies are also available for sign out in the libraries on all three campuses.  I ask that you read this analysis of Medaille’s effort to measure itself against MSCHE’s fourteen Standards of Accreditation.


The next step in our reaccreditation process will be the March 3-6 visit by a team of external peer evaluators.  It is imperative that we are all prepared for this visit.  The team of evaluators will be speaking with all constituencies, and a careful read of the report is the best way for everyone to prepare for the visit.  Therefore, every member of the Medaille community should be aware of the content and results of the self-study.


In order to provide a forum for review and comment, the Self-Study Steering Committee will present three Self-Study Information Sessions on successive Fridays in February, from 12:30 until 1:30.  The dates for these sessions and the sections of the report covered at each are listed below.  Buffalo Campus sessions will be held in H208; additional information for the Amherst and Rochester campuses will come in a separate communication next week.


8 February          Introduction, Mission, and Theme 1: Strengthen commitment to the success of all students


15 February        Theme 2: Develop new and improve existing programs to meet the educational needs of a diverse community.


22 February        Theme 3: Build on emerging success in resource development and allocation and Theme 4: Extend our strong sense of community.


In addition to reading the report, I encourage you to attend these sessions.  We have one last test, one last opportunity to show our visitors the Medaille that we are, to answer their questions with additional explanations, and to support the excellent work done in our self-study by being well prepared for the team visit.  Our self-study report takes a good, honest look at Medaille’s strengths and the challenges that we face as an institution of higher learning.  I promise that a careful reading of the report will not only prepare you for the crucial moment of Medaille’s decennial review; you will also learn a great deal about our beloved College, which an in-depth self-study makes possible by its very nature.







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