The latest book from Dr. Matthew Bowker, a visiting assistant professor in Medaille’s Division of Liberal Arts and Communication, has earned widespread acclaim. In the soon-to-be-released Ideologies of Experience: Trauma, Failure, Deprivation, and the Abandonment of the Self, Dr. Bowker offers an analysis of “experience,” the vast and influential concept that has shaped Western social theory and political practice for the past half-millennium.

Michael Diamond, Director of the Center for the Study of Organizational Change at the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs, says Dr. Bowker is “onto an idea of profound significance [which] may very well hold a key insight into the contemporary psychological processes behind our politics of fantasy over reality, and false attributions and assertions over valid information.”

Stephen Eric Bronner, Board of Governors Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University, calls the book “a critical and provocative interdisciplinary inquiry into experience, and the ways it might be manipulated. Matthew Bowker challenges us to question basic assumptions we make about our society and our lives. Ideologies of Experience is a work from which all of us can profit.”

And James Glass, Distinguished Scholar/Teacher and Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park, says the book is “a fascinating and stimulating excursion through philosophy and psychoanalytic theory that enriches our understanding of how the self relates to itself, to others, to the community and to the often difficult and traumatic ways experience attacks and engages the very foundations of our being.”

Dr. Bowker joined the Medaille faculty in 2006 and teaches interdisciplinary courses in political science, philosophy, intercultural communication, undergraduate research and analytical writing at the College.

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