February 19, 2014

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Dear Medaille Community,

I write today to update you on a few things happening at our College.  You may be aware from recent media reports that we will soon relocate our School of Adult and Graduate Education and School of Education programs from Amherst, where we currently rent space in an office park setting, to our beautiful Buffalo campus.

There are several reasons behind this decision.  Medaille has experienced declining enrollment in these schools over the past couple of years.  This is due to factors including local economic and employment trends, declining number of adult learners and a decrease in employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs.  Although challenging, the need to right-size and align the College with market trends presents an opportunity to develop new ways of improving our educational experience as well as recruitment and retention.

We are very proud of our Buffalo campus; it is a safe, easily accessible, one-of-a-kind college community that uniquely prepares our students for career advancement and the workforce of tomorrow.  In fact, we’ve spent over $9 million on new campus facilities and upgrades over the past four years.  Medaille is committed to providing the same quality educational experience in Buffalo that all of our students have come to expect.  We have made the following promises to our students currently studying in Amherst:

•They will continue to learn from the same talented and experienced faculty.

•Their calendar and our flexible scheduling and guaranteed classes will remain the same.

•Their small and dynamic classroom settings and personalized support will be unchanged.

•They will have access to high tech classrooms and a state of the art learning center.

•They can more easily attend ongoing lecture and speaker series and campus events.

•They will have access to all campus exercise and athletic facilities, as well as extensive
food service options and numerous comfortable student lounges.

•Public Safety at the Buffalo campus provides a safe and secure environment at all times.

•The move will provide greater access to career, academic support, counseling, and
wellness services.

•Classes at the Buffalo campus will have access to a full service library and enhanced IT

This is not the first time in our history that our adult and graduate students are all studying in Buffalo.  We are excited to welcome all of them, as well as our valued alumni, HOME. The move will take some time and we will be sure to keep our community up to date as we progress.

As reported in the news, the College will be taking additional and necessary steps to balance revenues with expenses.  We will maintain an environment that is completely student centered and aligned with our changing higher education market.  I look forward to our College’s long-term success and our increasing contribution to the Western New York community.


Richard Jurasek, President, Medaille College

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