Dr. Matt Bowker and Dr. Patrick Fazioli (Mercy College, formerly Medaille) recently published their study, “Rethinking Critical Thinking: A Relational and Contextual Approach,” in the journal, Pedagogy and the Human Sciences (6)1, pp. 1-26.

Bowker and Fazioli argue that critical thinking must be considered within the context of overlapping relationships (some recognized, many ignored or disavowed) within and between professor, student, course material, course group, and learning institution.

Those who wish to facilitate genuine critical thinking must be aware of the considerable pressures exerted by such relationships and must prepare themselves to address (frequently unconscious) relational dynamics in ways that foster the student’s capacity for critical thought.

Bowker and Fazioli review and critique critical thinking movements of the past, re-define critical thinking in relational terms (as a relatively autonomous relationship with one’s own “thinking-relationships”), and offer solutions to challenges encountered by professors and students who strive to facilitate authentic critical thinking in the classroom.

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