Dr. Marianne Sullivan, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Management and Leadership

What is your education and background?

I hold a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, a MS degree in Microbiology and Epidemiology and a PhD in Education, Leadership Policy.

I started my career as a systems analyst working for a biological corporation where I applied the knowledge gained from my computer science education at a sophisticated company that distributed products internationally.  Working in higher education was always appealing to me so that when the opportunity became available for a director of program development at a local university, I applied and was hired.  While in this position, the rewards were many but the remuneration was not and as a result, I returned to industry to head a division at an international company for several years until my position transferred to Chicago.  Having strong ties to the Buffalo community I decided against the move and applied for a position at a local private college to serve as a director for their business programs.  After gaining a couple of years of experience I left and became employed at a local university as a director of professional programs and then as the executive director of a center for entrepreneurs.  While at this university I was able to develop services and programs that made a significant impact on undergraduate and graduate students as well as Western New York business professionals and entrepreneurs.  After serving in the executive director capacity for many years an opportunity as a faculty member at Medaille College became available, I applied, and have been happily employed ever since.

Tell us about your typical work day…

I am a planner so the first thing I do when I start the day is to plan the day and list my goals that I want to accomplish.  I try to balance my day so that I have the opportunity to read and stay current on information, catch up on my materials for my classes, communicate with my colleagues and students, and take care of myself by exercising and eating well.

What is your favorite part of working at Medaille?

My favorite part of working at Medaille College is that there is a true sense of collegiality at our college.  Everyone is willing to help, share ideas and work together to align with the college’s mission.   I work with some of the best and brightest faculty, staff and administrators who are committed to higher education excellence and provide our students with the foundation necessary for them to succeed.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy reading books on management and leadership, snow skiing, gardening, serving on accrediting site visits and volunteering for professional organizations that have an impact on an organization or someone’s life.

If you could eat dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

Jack Welch, retired CEO of General Electric.  Both the Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership programs focus on the exemplary leadership of Welch and I would want to learn just a little more information about him and his leadership techniques to share with my students.

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Sincere, Loyal, and Committed

Please tell a success story while working here at Medaille (or favorite Medaille memory or story)

One of my favorite success stories is the success story of one of my graduate students who was legally deaf and relied on his translator to translate information at my classes and at his team meetings.  He successfully completed a graduate program and conveyed to me the true meaning of how life can present obstacles that can be overcome.

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