Brianna Harvey, Class of 2016, Veterinary Technology major

Why did you choose Medaille? 

I was interested in the Veterinary Technology program and Medaille’s program is well known.  

What are some of the accomplishments while you have been a student at Medaille that you are most proud of? 

I am proud of being able to maintain a high GPA while working and playing soccer at Medaille for four seasons and lacrosse for a season.

How have faculty/staff helped play a role in helping you become successful?

My professors have definitely been understanding with the athletic schedules and making up any missed work.  Dr. Clabeaux is very encouraging with her words and I know she cares not only about my academics but me personally.  Also, Dr. Kotzin and Debbie Piotrowski have been very understanding and have worked with me through personal health issues.  

If you could eat dinner with anyone, who would you choose?

Job from the Bible. He had unbelievable circumstances happen to him but was able to stay faithful to the Lord.

What three items would you want to have with you on a deserted island?

Bible, my cat, a soccer ball. 

What are your plans for the future?

I want to apply for Vet school, if that does not work out, I will get a job in the field and move somewhere warm.


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